My voice changed immediately when I was about 11 yrs old. I was closer to 12 actually. I went to bed a high pitched normal voiced kid and woke up next day with the voice of a man. I have to admit I was freaked and thought something was wrong with me but my mother laughed and said I was becoming a man. Nothing to worry about. The years following led to me discovering my voice.

Around the age of 14 people began telling me that I had a great voice and I should consider singing as a career. I was way too shy as a kid to ever consider getting up on a stage with thousands of people in front of me. Uh uh! No siree. But when something is your calling its hard to get away from it or avoid it indefinitely. I was walking through the hall of my High School talking to a friend, when all of a sudden a head popped out of a class room and said; “Young man come here.” I was startled. it was the school’s music teacher. I left my friend who looked at me like I was in some sort of trouble and went into the class. There were other students there as she was conducting a class at the time. “Is there a problem Miss Conner?” I asked politely. She went to the piano and told me without any explanation,”Sing this note.” and she played a note on the piano. I looked at her as if i was in a daze. “Sing the note.” she repeated. I did as I was told. She played a few more notes and had me sing each of them, then she said quite seriously. “I need you for the choir. There are very few boys your age with such a deep voice. I have only 2 others and they are not able to sing as deeply as you can. You are a natural bass. So I need you for the schools choir.” She was deadly serious. I could see it on her face. I looked around and all the other students were looking at me. I gulped, looked back at her and said quite sheepishly, “Okay.” That was the beginning of my 2 year run with the schools choir. We won the music festival that year and the year after. And we also won for combined choirs with another school. I had an awesome time with the choir.

I became a DJ by the age of 16 and quickly rose to popularity on the main circuit. I never did much talking as a DJ. Only the occasional announcement telling someone to move their car or someone’s Mom was looking for them. LOL. But when I did speak people always looked at me different. Like one guy told me once that he couldn’t believe such a big voice came from such a small guy. By the time I was 18 I had thousands of people telling me I should get into radio because I had a really “nice voice” as they put it. I never saw anything really special about it. I heard it every day so to me it was just my voice. But when you constantly have many different people telling you the same thing over and over you tend to eventually take notice. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that i decided to take that first step and seriously pursue a career using my voice. I loved movies and hearing “that guy”, Yeah you know who I mean when I say “that guy”. None other than Don La Fontaine the master of all Voice Over Actors. When I heard his voice I used to imitate him cause I have the same range so its done effortlessly. I wanted to be the next Don La Fontaine, except I would be Lyndon Irvine. LOL.

I attended the National Institute Of Broadcasting on Yonge St. Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I live now after migrating from my birth country of Trinidad and Tobago. This was the same school that Jim Carey had attended to learn public speaking so he could overcome his shyness. Yup. Jim Carey was a shy young man prior to his attending NIB. Hard to believe huh? We’ll Its true. Ask Jim next time you see him. :-) I was the top student in my class. in fact they said i was one of the best the school had ever seen. My instructors said I was a natural and one of them had a serious talk with me about expanding my career options. He suggested I shouldn’t focus on radio alone but also focus on the Voice Over category as well. He explained the industry to me in detail and I immediately knew that’s what I wanted to do. I have the tools. I got the right pipes. Now its time for the world to know who Lyndon V Irvine is. I followed his advice and did a lot more than just radio demos. I did a variety of character voices as well. Some famous and some created by me. Plus being a West Indian gives me a great deal of flexibility. I can easily imitate people from other countries but its hard for a non West Indian to sound like they are authentic when trying to recreate a West Indian accent. I hear it all the time and I find it very funny. It doesn’t sound real. Like on family Guy when Cleavelands’ cousin came to visit and she happened to be a clairvoyant who told them about their past lives. Her accent was so fake. Just like a 3 dollar bill. next time hire me Seth. I’m the real thing.

So that’s about it in a nutshell. That’s me condensed into a few paragraphs. Well my talent anyway. Be sure to listen to my voice over demos both in radio and well as the many diverse characters I’m capable of doing. I’m available for voice over work for Animation, Video games, book narration, web sites, radio ads, and TV voice over slots, almost anything where a voice can be used I’m your man. I use the best In Home Studio equipment so your project is done professionally and on time. I do retakes if necessary (It hardly ever is) for free of charge until you the client is completely satisfied. To contact me just use the contact form on this site and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible.

Thanks and welcome to my world.